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Physiotherapy is the science that studies, recovers and improves movement dysfunction, promoting a decrease in pain and enhancing well-being.


Osteopathy is an approach that has focus on the profound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human being and the interaction among all its components.

Training Monitoring, Performance enhancement and Strength & Conditioning

We prepare the Athlete for success, starting off with a global assessment and identification of the “Achilles’ heel”, going through the monitorization of the physical training and finishing off with the implementation of recovery and monitoring strategies.

Clinical Pilates Classes

Being one of most famous physical exercise models, the method of Pilates was conceived with the main goal of enhancing the strength specifically for dancers and athletes.

Clinical Pilates is a modification of this concept that, following a updated scientific background, was created and developed by Physiotherapists. It consists in exercises, adapted from the original exercises and split into difficulty levels, in a way it can be directed to physical rehabilitation. Therefore, it is safely recommended to individuals with any sort of pathology.

Whether individually or in a  group, the exercises are performed in a safe way, in order to develop control, stability, mobility and movement of the body.

Postural Insoles

The feet are one of the most important sources of information regarding our position, since they are very rich of skin receptors. This information makes the feet as responsible for a lot of the adaptations of our body.

The postural insoles are a personalized strategic intervention that aims to correct the initial origin of the problem and not only the symptom relief.

Nutrition Consultations

The nutritional monitoring will adapt the alimentation to the individual needs, goals and preferences, with the creation of food plans for training phases, competition phases or offseason phases.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the intervention area of psychology dedicated to the assessment, diagnostic and treatment of psychological and emotional problems, based on the scientific knowledge of the psychological function.


Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine based on the principle of chi, or energy flow. The disease is attributed to blockages in this energy flow, which can be relieved by placing fine needles at various points on the body. Chi is believed to flow along twelve defined pathways, called meridians, which are connected to specific organs. If the chi is blocked in any way, illness can result.

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