Physiotherapy is the science that studies, recovers and improves movement dysfunction, promoting a decrease in pain and enhancing well-being.

With a broad range of interventions, Physiotherapy is a necessity in several areas, whether they are recovery of Neurological, Musculoskeletal or Cardio-Respiratory conditions.

Also in the monitoring of pathology with surgical indication, in the preparation for the surgery or in the recovery of the latter, Physiotherapy is the reality that can change the quality of life and recovery potential, promoting a faster reintegration in the daily living activities.

At Clinic Pedro Malta, the immediate help that the physiotherapy can assist, is a result of the assessment and individualized treatment (as opposed to “mass production”), allowing the decision and intervention to be the most suitable and counting with all the support of the entire multidisciplinary team.


Osteopathy is an approach that has focus on the profound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human being and the interaction among all its components.

Allowing the body to maintain its function in the most efficient way, Osteopathy studies the body adaptations, looking for the dysfunctions that led to the beginning of the clinical condition, whether these may arrive from musculoskeletal, cranial, visceral or an emotional origin. In this way, the relief of pain is obtained but also the restoration of the best movement of the all affected structures, being these the original or the adaptations dysfunctions.

Osteopathy is indicated for individuals with acute pathology or chronic pathology, with the interdisciplinary work being one of the most precious assets of the integration in a clinic like ours.

Standing out due to specific training and the clinical experience of success, Clinic Pedro Malta is a special interest in working in Paediatrics and supporting Infertility treatments.

Training Monitoring, Performance enhancement and Strength & Conditioning

Whatever the sport modality, the goal is to win. In order to achieve this goal, the athlete has to be in top shape, both physically and psychologically; this way, the athlete can focus on its specific task.

In Clinic Pedro Malta, we intervene in the entire reality that the athletes’ preparation should have, for the sport he practices. An athlete that is in its top shape will perform better when put to test, and therefore will also reduce the impact of its injuries.

We prepare the Athlete for success, starting off with a global assessment and identification of the “Achilles’ heel”, going through the monitorization of the physical training and finishing off with the implementation of recovery and monitoring strategies.

Clinical Pilates Classes

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

Being one of most famous physical exercise models, the method of Pilates was conceived with the main goal of enhancing the strength specifically for dancers and athletes.

Clinical Pilates is a modification of this concept that, following a updated scientific background, was created and developed by Physiotherapists. It consists in exercises, adapted from the original exercises and split into difficulty levels, in a way it can be directed to physical rehabilitation. Therefore, it is safely recommended to individuals with any sort of pathology.

Whether individually or in a group, the exercises are performed in a safe way, in order to develop control, stability, mobility and movement of the body.

At Clinic Pedro Malta, the classes have a maximum of 6 patients. This way, we can guarantee the monitoring of the individual needs and the adaptation of the exercises to each individual requirement.

The participation in the classes starts off with an individual assessment and practice of the basics, guaranteeing a minimal level before joining the rest of the group.

Postural Insoles

The feet are one of the most important sources of information regarding our position, since they are very rich of skin receptors. This information makes the feet as responsible for a lot of the adaptations of our body. The postural insoles are a personalized strategic intervention that aims to correct the initial origin of the problem and not only the symptom relief.

The prescription and confection of the postural insoles starts off with an initial assessment, pointing out the adaptations and changes of the muscles chains. The influence of the stimulus at foot level are assessed, to promote harmony and symmetry among the muscle tension of the body.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition plays an extreme role regarding athletes’ performance, being this to guarantee adequate energetical and nutrient supply, to promote a perfect recovery between training sessions and competitive seasons or even to prevent injury. As with a car, the athletes’ performance will depend – among other factors- of the fuel used.

The nutritional monitoring will adapt the alimentation to the individual needs, goals and preferences, with the creation of food plans for training phases, competition phases or offseason phases. In situations that there may be required, will be also giving advice regarding sport supplements, with safety, legality and performance always in mind.

This service is indicated to healthy athletes or injured ones, being one of the key factors that allows to separate the good athletes… for the best.

Nutrition consultations are also indicated to anyone that what’s to manage their weight and body composition effectively, whether there are pathologies involved (diabetes, High blood pressure, cardiovascular risk, osteoarticular pathology, …) or not, in all ages e periods of life (pregnancy, breast feeding, smoking cessation, etc).

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the intervention area of psychology dedicated to the assessment, diagnostic and treatment of psychological and emotional problems, based on the scientific knowledge of the psychological function.

The Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy is a way of psychotherapy that focuses on the collaborative resolution of problems, focusing on how cognitive phenomena have an emotional perturbation (panic, phobias, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc)

Neuropsychology is a specialization of Psychology that focus on the relation between cerebral dysfunction and behaviour.

The neuropsychological assessment consists of clinical exam, allied to other diagnostic tools (neuroimage exams, behavioural observation, clinical interview, psychological instruments).

Cognitive Rehabilitation aims to work on the cognitive difficulties that patients present, stimulating different affected functions, such as attention, perception, memory, reasoning and executive functions.

Neuropsychotherapy consists of the application of psychotherapy to the person with brain injury, with the goal of reducing the psychological/emotional suffering and promoting an active attitude towards the improvement of the functional capacity and redefinition of the life project.

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