Pedro Malta

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by Coimbra Health School

Osteopath by School of Osteopathy of Madrid

Fields of Interest: Athletes, Paediatric Osteopathy, Infertility, Posturology

Additional Training: RPG, Podoposturology, Microphysiotherapy, among others (list in Portuguese).


Sandra Naranjo

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by the National University of Colombia

Master in Adapted Physical Activity, by the University of Porto

Additional Training:  Post graduation in musculoskeletal pathology of the cervical-craneo-mandibular system and facial pain, among others (list in Portuguese)

Field of interest: Body Awareness, Intervention in Neurologic Conditions, Geriatrics

Daniela Guerreiro

Academic Training: Physiotherapist at ESTeSCoimbra and Osteopath at EOMadrid

Master in Osteopathic Techniques of the Locomotor Apparatus by EOMadrid

Additional Training: Mulligan Concept; Advanced diagnosis in manual therapy, among others.

Fields of Interest: Manual Therapy, Sports.


Bruno Rodrigues

Academic Training: Physiotherapy by the Porto Health School

Master Candidate in High Performance Training at the Faculty of Human Motricity (Lisbon)

Additional Training: Postgraduation in Strength & Conditioning by the Faculty of Human Motricity, among others (list in Portuguese)

Fields of Interest: Physical quality enhancement, Athletes development, Injury Prevention

Cláudia Pato

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by ESSU Aveiro

Master in Physical Activity Adapted by FADEUP

Additional Training: Master in Osteopathic Techniques of the Locomotor Apparatus at Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid, among others.

Fields of Interest: Adapted Physical Activity; Special education; Sports


André Tomé

Academic Training: Osteopath by the Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto

Additional Training: Advanced Joint Manipulation Course, Visceral Therapy Course in clinical reasoning, Palpatory Anatomy Course with clinical guidance, Participation in the “I International Osteopathy Forum”, among others.

Fields of Interest: Sports, Posturology

Diana Duarte

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by Coimbra School of Health


Additional Training: RPG, Pilates

Élia Batista

Academic Training: Nutritionist at ESTeS Coimbra

Graduate Student in Nutrition and Metabolism in Pediatrics and Graduate in Economics and Management of Health Organizations

Additional Training: Training in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN); Pediatric Age Feeding Course (APNEP); Training in Sports Nutrition (EPAP Institute).

Fields of Interest: Pediatric Nutrition; Weight Control and Management; Tracking athletes.

Cecília Amaro

Academic Training: Psychologist by the University of Coimbra – Clinical Psychologist

University Course: Specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology, by the ISMAI/ University of Salamanca

Effective member of the Portuguese Psychology Board with the speciality diplomas of: Clinical Psychology and Health; Clinical Neuropsychology

Additional Training: Educational Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, Health Education.

Fields of interest: Psychotherapy, Brain Injury and Dysfunction, Psychotherapy and Neuropsychotherapy, among others.

Conventions: AdvanceCare, Medis-CTT, Multicare-PT ACS, RNA Medical

Sara Filipe

Administrative and Logistics Manager



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