Pedro Malta

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by Coimbra Health School

Osteopath by School of Osteopathy of Madrid

Fields of Interest: Athletes, Paediatric Osteopathy, Infertility, Posturology

Additional Training: RPG, Podoposturology, Microphysiotherapy, among others (list in Portuguese).


Sandra Naranjo

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by the National University of Colombia

Master in Adapted Physical Activity, by the University of Porto

Additional Training:  Post graduation in musculoskeletal pathology of the cervical-craneo-mandibular system and facial pain, among others (list in Portuguese)

Field of interest: Body Awareness, Intervention in Neurologic Conditions, Geriatrics

Daniela Guerreiro

Academic Training: Physiotherapist at ESTeSCoimbra and Osteopath at EOMadrid

Master in Osteopathic Techniques of the Locomotor Apparatus by EOMadrid

Additional Training: Mulligan Concept; Advanced diagnosis in manual therapy, among others.

Fields of Interest: Manual Therapy, Sports.


Bruno Rodrigues

Academic Training: Physiotherapy by the Porto Health School

Master Candidate in High Performance Training at the Faculty of Human Motricity (Lisbon)

Additional Training: Postgraduation in Strength & Conditioning by the Faculty of Human Motricity, among others (list in Portuguese)

Fields of Interest: Physical quality enhancement, Athletes development, Injury Prevention

Cláudia Pato

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by ESSU Aveiro

Master in Physical Activity Adapted by FADEUP

Additional Training: Master in Osteopathic Techniques of the Locomotor Apparatus at Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid, among others.

Fields of Interest: Adapted Physical Activity; Special education; Sports


André Tomé

Academic Training: Osteopath by the Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto

Additional Training: Advanced Joint Manipulation Course, Visceral Therapy Course in clinical reasoning, Palpatory Anatomy Course with clinical guidance, Participation in the “I International Osteopathy Forum”, among others.

Fields of Interest: Sports, Posturology

Diana Duarte

Academic Training: Physiotherapist by Coimbra School of Health


Additional Training: RPG, Pilates

Élia Batista

Academic Training: Nutritionist at ESTeS Coimbra

Graduate Student in Nutrition and Metabolism in Pediatrics and Graduate in Economics and Management of Health Organizations

Additional Training: Training in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN); Pediatric Age Feeding Course (APNEP); Training in Sports Nutrition (EPAP Institute).

Fields of Interest: Pediatric Nutrition; Weight Control and Management; Tracking athletes.

Cecília Amaro

Academic Training: Psychologist by the University of Coimbra – Clinical Psychologist

University Course: Specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology, by the ISMAI/ University of Salamanca

Effective member of the Portuguese Psychology Board with the speciality diplomas of: Clinical Psychology and Health; Clinical Neuropsychology

Additional Training: Educational Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, Health Education.

Fields of interest: Psychotherapy, Brain Injury and Dysfunction, Psychotherapy and Neuropsychotherapy, among others.

Conventions: AdvanceCare, Medis-CTT, Multicare-PT ACS, RNA Medical

António Rodrigues

Education:Physiotherapist, graduated from the Higher School of Health Technologies in Coimbra.

Postgraduate degree in acupuncture and moxobustion from the Superior School of Higher Studies at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga.

Postgraduate degree in Chinese herbal medicine, by the Higher Studies School of the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga.

Frequency Master’s Acupuncture, by the University of Santiago Compostela.

Additional Training:Diet therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the Santiago de Compostela University. Diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain in BI syndromes, extraordinary techniques for its treatment with acupuncture, Centro Xiyun de Medicina Chinesa, Santiago Compostela. WMQ Energy Exercise Course (wellness medical qigong), WMQ Therapist, by the Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Sara Filipe

Administrative and Logistics Manager



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